N e v e r w h e r e
D6 Role-playing in the World of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

This is a table-top role-playing game set in the world of Neil Gaiman's novel (and television series) Neverwhere.  These pages have all you need to learn the basics of West End Games' D6 system, create your own characters, and run adventures in the Underside.

The world of Neverwhere exists parallel, aside, and under our own.  In the subway systems, forgotten sewer tunnels, the shade of alleys, and the corner of your eye, a whole population of folk eke out a daily existence in a world full of magic, danger and endless, swirling surprises.  These "underdwellers" pass invisible, right in front of our eyes, acknowledged for only a split second, but never recognized nor remembered.  In their world, favors form the only real currency, alliances shift with the hours, and survival requires wits, brawn and more than a little luck.

Say goodbye to your boring, mindless job, your bland little cubicle, and your safe predictable life.  You've just fallen beneath the cracks of the everyday world and into the shadows of the Underside.

Welcome to Neverwhere.  If you can survive the first day, you just might make it a week...

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Credits, Disclaimers, and Other Sorts of Respect and Groveling
The materials presented here are free for all to use, share and alter.  But please, do not attempt to use them to turn a profit, promote another product, or hurt small animals.  Let's just say that if you do, bad dreams are the least of your problems.

The book Neverwhere is copyright Neil Gaiman, the TV series was copyright to the BBC, and this site is wholly unauthorized and exists "in the cracks of reality only by sufferance" of those nice folks.  (That is a bit of futher plagerism directly from Neil himself.  Thanks Neil!)

The gaming system is copyright West End Games, who worked hard to create this fine system and are still producing great games.  Go buy some and keep them in business.

I highly recommend that you go out and pick up some West End Games products.  They have a number of PDF-version games on sale now at RPGNow as well.  This will fill in numerous gaps in the system and help you flesh out your D6 campaign.

Also, Final Sword Publications produces the Psibertroopers role-playing game based on D6.  You might find their rules for psionics useful for Neverwhere (or you might just like playing their game by itself!).


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